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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gotta start somewhere...

Might as well be at the beginning...

I've been a mom for 10 years now.  But my mom life didn't start out like most.  I went from zero to 3 kids in no time flat...literally. NO TIME!  The man and I met online and fell in love  ::sigh::  Then the man's children came for a visit and I fell in love again.  So cute at 1, 4, and 10.  Someone should have warned me!  Newly seperated, I thought I'd enjoy a quiet life in my little...umm...err....TINY apartment for a little while with my cat.  NOPE!!!  Soon, we had more people than we had rooms and it was time to move.  Bigger place, more rooms, and we could have a dog!!!  Life became a happy routine of school, Barney and family dinners.  Perfect.  Almost. We needed more! MORE!!!  Could the man make a baby boy?  Nope!  Enter -- R5 -- girl #4.  Life was complete.  Time for a bigger place.  Dog outgrew the apartment.  Kids outgrew bedrooms.  Our closets were bursting at the hinges.  We found our crazy, little, yellow house on the hill in 2005.  Life was good!  Then...what? No! Really?!?  Girl #5!!!  One more ride on this roller coaster. Then we are DONE!  No. Really. We. Are. Done.

We've had our ups and downs and round and rounds and here we are.  Right where we should be.  Well, almost.  The man now has a big bunch to support.  The woman has a big bunch to raise.  Life goes on.  One day we'll win the lottery and the man can stay home, but until then, I'll hold down the fort, and the kids will keep growing!

Ya'll come back now...

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  1. I love the little snippet into your home!
    Very amusing!